Adult care services

A little help makes a big difference

Our adult care flexible and focused entirely on your or your loved one’s needs.

Caremark home care provides on-going personal support and assistance for adults in the comfort of their own home as often as it is needed. This could be anything from short daily visits through to 24-hour live-in support.

Our fully trained care assistants will work with you or your loved one to help make life that little bit easier, enabling you/them to live as independently as possible at home. We carry out more challenging tasks and assist with those that might require extra support. We offer a full spectrum of care to meet your or your family member’s individual needs.

What kind of care do we provide for adults?

Our support can range from daily visits to a week-long respite service or 24-hour live-in support. Whatever your or your family member’s needs are, we can be totally flexible, stepping up our support, putting it on hold, or scaling it back as and if required.

Why might you or your family member need help at home?

There are many possible reasons for needing help and support in your own home as an adult. Perhaps you’ve had a long-term illness that makes it difficult for you to manage alone on an ongoing basis; perhaps you are recovering from an injury and need help for a month or so; or maybe you have a disability that makes everyday tasks tricky at times?

Ensuring your or your loved one’s needs are met

To ensure we meet you or your loved one’s needs we work with you/ them to devise a personalised support plan. This is approved before we commence and is regularly updated as needs change. We take into account input from family and any healthcare professionals working with you or your friend or relative.

Before we assign you or your loved one a carer we will get an understanding of your/their interests and pastimes so that we can match our carers for the best possible social interaction and friendship.

At all times, wherever possible, we do our best to encourage and support our client’s independence, helping with tasks rather than taking over. We see this as a crucial element in supporting our clients to feel fulfilled, happy, confident, resilient, and self-reliant.

Maintaining dignity and independence

Perhaps you or your loved one is finding getting to the shops difficult and maintaining a healthy diet almost impossible. With a carer buying the ingredients and helping with cooking healthy eating becomes all the more attainable. If your loved one has a physical disability or one that is deteriorating, perhaps, but they insist on carrying on doing the household maintenance tasks it is often a worry that they may hurt or overexert themselves. We can step in and assist while ensuring they maintain their dignity and sense of independence - something that is often so important for keeping them going.

Receiving care in familiar surroundings, maintain independence and having complete control over day-to-day decisions can be truly empowering.

We help our customersto live happy, fulfilled lives,
as independently as possible