Personalised Care in your Home in Cochin

Professional and personalised care in your own home

We enable you to remain in familiar surroundings and the comfort of your home, receiving services that suit your personal needs.

We provide care and support to - children, adults and elderly, injured and ill, those with physical and mental challenges, with learning disabilities, needing palliative care, with dementia, alzheimer's or parkinson's, recovering from stroke or cancer and also for the loved ones who are in need of a break from caring of a family member. Our care includes personal care, physical support, medication management, companionship and a host of other services that make life easier and help to maintain health or speed up recovery.

Trusted care service for your special needs

We tailor our care plans depending upon your requirements. It could either be an hourly care, day/night support or a stay at home care service where our care assistant will live in your own home as we believe that there is no better place than home when you want to feel comfortable.

Our care assistants have been carefully chosen with clean personal records, free of any wrong doings and are trained in the field of care by Caremark. They are ready to support you after we understand your precise needs and preferences of service.

To ensure that you are receiving high standards of service, our Field Care Supervisor will visit you periodically for your valuable feedback on our services that is being provided. You are encouraged to be honest about the care being provided and you may also make alterations or changes to the care plan, if you need.

The solution to live independently. You no longer have to move out of your home for care.

The care and support you need is provided to you at home. The attentive, practical and compassionate care that we provide is aimed at helping our customers to live happy, fulfilled lives, as independently as possible. We believe that's what everyone deserves irrespective of their personal circumstances.

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